Getting Married in West Midland’s Old Churches

With over 400 plus churches around West Midlands a bride can have her pick as to where she and her groom would like to get married. Some of the oldest churches are also near great wedding venues West Midlands.

One of the oldest churches in West Midlands is St Martin in the Bullring. Originally built in 1263 it was demolished and rebuilt in 1873 to its present state. The only pieces of the original church left are the tower and the spire. It stands like an old beacon in an otherwise modernized area. You get the best of both worlds with this classically designed church and then choosing from several modern wedding venues, West Midlands area as your reception.

Another old church is St. Mary's Kingswinford. This Anglican church is said to be 800 years old. The church is home to a carving of St. Michael slaying a dragon that was made by the Normans back in the day. Most of the original parts of this church had already deteriorated. It was restored and rebuilt over the years into the majestic church that it is today.

There are many other churches around the West Midlands that are considered historical and a heritage site. Most of the original parts, roofs and walls of these churches have probably been replaced over time to ensure the safety of the church goers. Some of these old churches have very little lighting and are slightly gothic in nature. You might want to look into that before you get married in these old churches.

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